Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Park University. The full board meets three times a year, while committees of the board convene as necessary at other times.

Scott D. McRuer

Chair of the Board
Parkville, Mo. 

Jeanette E. Prenger, ’09

Vice Chair of the Board
Parkville, Mo.

Jacqueline Snyder, Ed.D.

Secretary of the Board
Parkville, Mo.

Judith M. Simonitsch, J.D.

Treasurer of the Board
Independence, Mo.


Immediate Past Chair of the Board
Kansas City, Mo.

Vince Clark

Kansas City, Mo.

James Cornelius

Kansas City, Mo. 

N. Lynn Craghead

Kansas City, Mo. 

Dennis D. FIsher, ED.D.*

Kansas City, Mo. 

Kristopher S. Flint, ’97

Kansas City, Mo.


Richard Keller

Leavenworth, Kan.

Anthony Melchiorri, '90

New York, NY.

C. Ann Mesle, J.D.*

Kansas City, Mo. 

William perry, '67

Dallas, Tex.

Rosemary Fry Plakas, ’63

Alexandria, Va. 

Danny K. Sakata

Parkville, Mo.

Cyprienne Simchowitz

Mission Hills, Kan.

Troy Teague

Kansas City, Mo.

Richard E. Thode*

Raytown, Mo. 

J. Eric Wade, ’82, M.P.A. ’85

Lenexa, Kan.

David A. Warm*

Kansas City, Mo.