Hauptmann School of Public Affairs

The Hauptmann School of Public Affairs is about more than top-notch degrees. A distinctive history, academic excellence, a commitment to developing leaders for an increasingly “unscripted future”  – these are just some of the attributes that set the Hauptmann experience apart.

The HSPA offers citizen-centered, professional programs of study that are grounded in the liberal arts tradition. Students develop the knowledge, skills and values that are necessary for leadership and service in government, in the businesses world and in non-profit sectors of society. Coursework also stresses the larger issues of democracy, stewardship and technology to equip students with the courage and discernment to act for the common good in a global context.

Whatever their ultimate career choice, HSPA students develop a lifelong passion for public affairs that is fundamental to citizenship in a free society.

Dr. Jerzy Hauptmann

Dr. Jerzy Hauptmann

Park’s HSPA proudly bears the name of Park University Professor Emeritus Jerzy Hauptmann, Ph.D., a man who himself faced dramatic uncertain times. More Go